28 January 2017

Special issue published: "Models and Algorithms for Applied Optimisation Problems"

International Journal of Operational Research 28(2) 2017

Extended versions of papers presented at the Third International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Optimisation: Theory, Methods, Applications and Technology Transfer (NAOIII-2014).
  • Sperm motility algorithm: a novel metaheuristic approach for global optimisation
  • A simulated-based genetic algorithm for the forecasting of monthly peak electricity demand
  • A genetic algorithm for integrated lot sizing and supplier selection with defective items and storage and supplier capacity constraints
  • A partitioning algorithm for the mixed integer nonlinear programming problem
  • Implicit extra-update multi-step quasi-Newton methods
  • Estimation of efficiency scores with perturbation in data: an application for provincial gas companies in Iran
  • An estimation of distribution algorithm for public transport driver scheduling
  • Towards optimal engineering multitasking level through stochastic modelling
  • Optimising the periodic distribution of gas cylinders with customers priority
  • Modified polynomial-time full-NT-step infeasible interior-point algorithm for symmetric optimisation

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