18 January 2017

Free sample articles newly available from International Journal of Process Systems Engineering

The following sample articles from the International Journal of Process Systems Engineering are now available here for free:
  • Configurations for multiple thermal energy storages in thermal networks
  • Analytical and experimental investigation of thermal efficiency improvement of thermochemical water splitting for hydrogen production
  • Economic and environmental analysis of a green energy hub with energy storage under fixed and variable pricing structures
  • Smart grids vs. storage management
  • Heat management in a campus cafeteria with optimal insulation thickness for thermal comfort of a space-variant manikin
  • Automotive underbody diffuser for battery thermal management
  • Robust hydro-thermal power system controller considering energy capacitor system and wind power source
  • Incentives for the reuse of electric vehicle batteries for load-shifting in residences
  • Energy and exergy analyses of power generation via an integrated biomass post-firing combined-cycle
  • Improving the accuracy of the single diode PV models
  • gpuMF: a framework for parallel hybrid metaheuristics on GPU with application to the minimisation of harmonics in multilevel inverters
  • Single phase low THD optimised inverter for PV voltage regulation

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