19 January 2017

Call for papers: "Intelligent Computation Systems"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms.

Traditional intelligent computation systems proselytize research areas due to their capability to deal with commercial applications for next-generation technologies. Intelligent computation systems afford knowledge ambiguity and allow perspicacity in the decision-making process on research topics, with applications in every sector of the economy. Hybridisation of intelligent computation systems creates huge opportunities for both developers and researchers from intellectual fields and industries worldwide.
We are seeing developments in disparate areas and the onset of prevalent intelligent computation resources for finding real-time applications. Intelligent computational systems are mainly concerned with sustaining facile solutions using supervised machine learning, artificial neural networks, computer graphics, fuzzy systems, natural language processing, neural-symbolic processing, scientific computing, swarm intelligence, collaborative intelligence and intelligent computation system architectures.
This special issue aims to convey the extensive scope of issues related to the practice and theory of intelligent computation systems, and thus to inspire researchers to work for the benefit of mankind with factual analysis in research areas such as information security, computers and digital techniques, digital imaging, biomedical engineering and health informatics, management and data systems.
Suitable topics include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Intelligent computation system architectures
  • Intelligent system natural language processing
  • Algorithms for intelligent computation systems
  • Collaborative Intelligence
  • Machine learning and data systems
  • Fuzzy systems and artificial intelligence
  • Glow worm swarm intelligence
  • Soft computing approach and intelligent computation system
  • Wired/wireless integrated networks
  • Advanced intelligent computation paradigms
  • Intelligence for security
  • Bio-Inspired intelligent computing
  • Evolutionary computation and data science
  • Cyber intelligent computation system
  • Intelligent interfaces and hybrid systems
  • Bioinformatics and computational systems
  • Digital imaging and biomedical engineering
  • Ant colony optimisation
  • Knowledge-based intelligent system
  • Network approaches to big data science
  • Telecommunication networks and wireless/mobile network security
Important Dates
Manuscripts due by: 16 April, 2018

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