14 January 2014

Special issue published: "Conceptual and Methodological Dimensions of Plausibility" (includes free OA paper)

International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy 9(2/3/4) 2013
  • Pursuing plausibility
  • Science, Utopia and the human condition
  • (Im)Plausibility²
  • Plausibility indications in future scenarios
  • Anticipating the future of technology and society by way of (plausible) scenarios: fruitful, futile or fraught with danger?
  • Imag[in]ing geoengineering - the plausible and the implausible
  • 'Getting there early': strategies for seeking policy influence and anticipating nanotechnology's alternative futures
  • What do I make of your latinorum? Sensitivity auditing of mathematical modelling
Regular Papers
  • Development of an integrated foresight process oriented toward social vision creation on ageing society in Japan
  • Intelligent piggybacking: a foresight policy tool for small catching-up economies
  • Innovation futures: new forms of innovation and their implications for innovation policy (Open Acess)

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