3 January 2014

Special issue published: "Air Quality Modelling: Part 1"

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 52(3/4) 2013
  • Dispersion of buoyant emissions from low level sources in urban areas: water channel modelling
  • Simulation of the impact on carbon monoxide concentration resulting from replacing a signalised intersection with a roundabout
  • Modelling ozone levels in an arid region - a dynamically evolving soft computing approach
  • Recent advancements in numerical modelling of flow and dispersion in urban areas: a short review
  • An investigation on correlation between traffic and climate variables with the amount of SO2 and NO2 pollutants and estimation of their emission using regression modelling analysis method (case study: Mazandaran - Iran)
  • Secondary organic aerosol formation from naphthalene roadway emissions in the South Coast Air Basin of California
  • Prescribed burn smoke impact in the Lake Tahoe Basin: model simulation and field verification
  • Performance evaluation of CALINE 4 model in a hilly terrain - a case study of highway corridors in Himachal Pradesh (India)
  • QUIC transport and dispersion modelling of two releases from the Joint Urban 2003 field experiment

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