7 January 2014

Special issue: "Advancements in Circuits, Control, Communication, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Systems, Signals and Simulation"

International Journal of Engineering Systems Modelling and Simulation 6(1/2) 2014
  • Weighted finite-state transducer-based dysarthric speech recognition error correction using context-dependent pronunciation variation modelling
  • Adaptive PID controller design guidelines for a class of non-linear systems
  • Calculate the air-gap magnetic field of tubular permanent magnet linear motor base on equivalent surface current model
  • Speaking rate control based on time-scale modification and its effects on the performance of speech recognition
  • Case study of software product line construction in e-insuBanking and customisation mechanism
  • Essential contents for software development process and software quality education
  • An approach to building domain architectures using domain component model and architectural tactics
  • Structural safety assessment for 100-seater totally enclosed lifeboat
  • A self-compensation procedure for the IEEE 1588 PTP local clock
  • Optimised model reference adaptive control for an interacting two tank system
  • Dual server-based secure data-storage system for cloud storage
  • Analysis of electromagnetic characteristics of the main transformer caused by pantograph-catenary disconnection in high speed train
  • Application of space-time coding technique in maritime communication

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