23 January 2014

Special issue published: "Air Quality Modelling: Part 2"

International Journal of Environment and Pollution 53(1/2) 2013
  • Effect of different meteorological fields on the regional air quality modelling over Pearl River Delta, China
  • Sensitivity to input parameters of Mobile6.2-AERMOD simulated emissions and concentrations
  • Numerical simulation of the impact of street geometry on vehicle emissions in urban area
  • Traffic reallocation impacts and automobile toxic pollutants emission for a general network in urban highway system: a second-best congestion pricing analysis
  • Projecting emission reductions from prospective mobile sources policies by road link-based modelling
  • An integrated approach for source contribution estimation: a case study
  • Rough set-based regionalisation in air quality monitoring
  • Passive samplers for air quality monitoring in a Brazilian university
  • Investigation on the interannual variability of carbon dioxide column-averaged mole fractions in Peninsular Malaysia: 2003-2009
  • Analysing the spatial variability of ground-level ozone in the UK using a generalised additive model

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