10 December 2012

Special issue: "Plasmas for Aerodynamics and Combustion"

International Journal of Aerodynamics 3(1/2/3) 2013
  • Implementation of DBD plasma actuators to control boundary layers in subsonic flow
  • Transition control using a single plasma actuator
  • Physics and models for plasma synthetic jets
  • Separation control with plasma synthetic jet actuators
  • Pressure, temperature and free-flight projectile-displacement measurements during a plasma discharge generated on a supersonic projectile
  • Shock modification induced by a DC discharge: numerical and experimental study
  • Numerical modelling of supersonic flow actuated by laser-induced plasma
  • Towards a kinetic understanding of the ignition of air-propane mixture by a non-equilibrium discharge: the decomposition mechanisms of propane
  • Finite volumes simulations of aerodynamic flows based on velocity-vorticity formulations

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