5 December 2012

Special issue: "Economic Performance and New Quantitative Tools"

Global Business and Economics Review 15(1) 2013
  • Economic growth and risk - a critical review of the postwar Japanese economy
  • Value-at-risk for the long and short trading position with the Pearson type-IV distribution
  • The changing nature of consolidation in the US banking industry - 1980 to the present
  • Macroeconomic policy formulation: functional finance versus sound finance
  • ANS-based preprocessing of company performance indicators
  • Training for older employees in Germany - opportunities for distance learning? An exploratory study
  • Identifying stocks' characteristics before market crashes: the case of the Athens stock exchange
  • Analysing the return distributions of Australian stocks: the CAPM, factor models and quantile regressions
  • Immiserising growth and mobility of capital with and without land in Harris-Todaro model

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