6 December 2012

Call for papers: "Biometric Recognition: An Application to Computer Vision"

For a special issue of the International Journal of Computational Intelligence Studies.

Biometrics has the capability to identify or verify each and every individual correctly by using physiological (face, fingerprint, iris, periocular region, palmprint, knuckle, ear, retina, footprint, gait, DNA, dental biometrics etc.) or behavioural characteristics (signature, voice, etc.) possessed by the user. This does not require any other means of possession-based and knowledge-based identification substance or token that may cause the security susceptible to attack when an unauthorized person needs to gain access to a restricted area or security zone by altering user information provided in token. These substances or tokens, such as various security tags or identification cards, may be stolen or forgotten and as a result malicious users take advantage of it through unauthorized entry to the highly security areas.

As opposed to these systems, cutting-edge biometrics-based identification systems offer higher security to gain competitive advantages over conventional identification systems. The need for biometrics systems is increasing in day-to-day activities and due to that, novel methods are evolving rapidly and boosting the biometric research in new directions. The special issue will serve as a platform to cover the advanced topics and approaches of biometric systems and technologies.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • Face, fingerprint, iris, periocular region, lip, palm, signature, hand geometry, knuckle, ear, gait, retina, DNA, footprint, voice, heartbeat, dental biometric etc.
  • Feature extraction, pattern classification, matching techniques for biometrics algorithms
  • Biometrics systems for border control security
  • Biometrics systems for verification and identification
  • Database indexing techniques for biometrics systems
  • Protocols, cryptography, biometric standards for biometrics systems
  • Security and reliability assessment for biometrics systems
  • Online and offline biometric systems
  • Performance assessment and resource computation in biometrics systems
  • Multi-classifiers fusion and score weighting schemes in biometrics
  • Machine vision and soft computing techniques in biometrics fusion
  • Match score level, feature level, rank level, sensor level fusions for biometrics systems
  • Feature quality improvements, feature update, feature matching in biometrics
  • Adaptive biometric systems; Biometrics template security
  • Biometrics in affective computing
  • Emotion recognition
  • Action units recognition in biometric systems
  • Extended features in biometrics
  • Recognition at distance
  • Biometrics alteration
  • Heterogeneous biometrics systems
  • Avatar recognition
  • Age invariant biometrics recognition
  • Matching sketch to photos
  • Multibiometrics
  • Soft biometrics
  • Cancellable biometrics
  • Biometric database management
Important Dates:
Original paper submission: 20 May 2013
Notification of first revision/ Acceptance: 30 June 2013
Submission of revised version by the authors: 20 July 2013
Final Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: 05 August 2013
Proofreading copy submission and typesetting: 25 September 2013

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