5 December 2012

Special issue: "Managing Innovative Distance Learning for Higher Education"

International Journal of Management in Education 7(1/2) 2013
  • Does MBA education make better managers? An empirical study from CEO replacement of Chinese listed firms
  • The impact of student retention strategies: an empirical study
  • Determinants in online MBA programme selection: an exploratory study
  • Models for using internet technology to support flexible e-learning
  • Knowledge management methodology for planning distance education
  • The facilitation of stakeholder consensus for the success of corporate e-learning systems
  • An e-learning environment for enhancing math communication
  • Principles and pressures in managing student attitudes to innovative mobile learning: a view from an Australian distance-education-intensive university
  • Highly task-related diversity vs. less task-related diversity among university staff
  • Managing effective learning with higher education research students: minimising outcome measurement, maximising educational output
  • Faculty members' attitudes, expectations and practises of Knowledge Management at higher education institutions in Jordan

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