7 October 2012

Special issue: Shifts in urban water governance paradigms

International Journal of Water 6(3/4) 2012
  • Introduction
  • Water service governance, technological change and paradigm shifts: a conceptual framework
  • Commercialisation and centralisation in the Ugandan and Zambian water sector
  • Why is Germany 30 years ahead of England?
  • Changing water governance in Ghana through decentralisatio
  • Integrated urban water governance in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: changes and inertias
  • Urban water management and planning: urban sanitation policies and an emerging institutional structure
  • Beijing, managing water for the eco city of the future
  • Climate change and farmers response in rural China
  • Researchers as actors in urban water governance? Perspectives on learning alliances as an innovative mechanism for change
  • Water governance and the importance of dynamic and adaptive management approaches

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