25 October 2012

Special issue: Issues on economic development, FDI and management

International Journal of Trade and Global Markets 5(3/4) 2012

Papers from the International Conference of International Business (ICIB 2011), held in Thessaloniki Greece, 19–21 May 2011.
  • Modelling volatility during the current financial crisis: an empirical analysis of the US and the UK stock market
  • Can e-management improve the Indonesian SMEs?
  • The impact of economic integration on FDI: applied study on ASEAN
  • Current account balance in Albania and the influence of different factors on i
  • Effects of obligatory compensation from previous experience on unemploymen
  • Greek sovereign credit market dynamics: Credit Default Swap and bond spreads' linkages
  • Regional business development in the Western Balkans: roots and causes of failure
  • Social impact assessment of FDI in energy projects: Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline as a case study
Additional papers
  • Commodity prices and the US money supply in the long run
  • Competitiveness gap and host country effects of FDI in the new OECD

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