29 October 2012

Call for papers: Green Growth and Sustainability: New Challenges for an Economics of Quality

A special issue of International Journal of Sustainable Development

The recent multidimensional crisis that affected most of the countries in the world has amplified the process of degradation of employment and social fragmentation. In this context, the current challenge consists in promoting green growth towards a low-carbon economy.

Making economic growth and development compatible with stabilising the climate and with a sustainable environmental footprint will require a drastic shift towards clean development and green, low-carbon economies. This will imply a great transformation of activities as far-reaching as the transformation brought about by the so-called Industrial Revolution. This transformation process addresses the critical issue of quality with respect to economic activities, resources and capital goods.

The rationale for green growth and “clean” development has mostly been presented as a win-win situation for the environment and for economic development. However, the current literature on economic growth and the environment shows that environmental sustainability can only be consistent with sustained economic growth if certain conditions are met.

This special issue will address the new challenges for an economics of quality in the context of the green transition towards sustainability. It aims at studying the conditions for a coincidence of the time frame for addressing environmental degradation, economic development and sustainability. The issue will explore how an effective transition process over time can be created in dynamically complex systems.

Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  • The process of green growth regime with respect of technological and organisational innovations, economic growth and sustainability.
  • The conditions for a transition towards the green growth regime.
  • Forms of investment in different capital goods.
  • Transition and the notion of adjustment costs.
  • The economic and social impacts of the green growth regime.
  • Macroeconomic context (industrialised, emerging and low-income economies).
  • The role of macroeconomic policies/investment rules for the transition towards a green growth regime.
  • Green growth, sustainability and the extension of the standard national-income-accounting framework.
  • Green transition and the labour market: jobs and skills formation, lifelong education.
  • Green transition and firms: human resources, technological innovation and organisational changes, knowledge.
  • The financing of investments in back-bone assets and the provision of public goods.
  • Green growth, green transition and equity.
Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission: 31 December, 2012
Notification of review: 20 January, 2013
Submission of revised manuscripts: 1 March, 2013

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