4 October 2012

Special issue: Green technologies for the benefits of bottom billions

International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 12(2-4) 2012

Papers from the 2010 International Conference on Environment (ICENV 2010) held in Penang, Malaysia, 13-15 December 2010.
  • Properties of activated carbon prepared from rice husk with chemical activation
  • Membranes and theoretical modelling of liquid-gas membrane separation for aromatic compounds removal from water: a review
  • Potential use of carbon dioxide by microalgae in Malaysia
  • In situ transesterification of non-edible oil in the presence of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide
  • Removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution by limestone
  • Impact of nitrogen loading rates on nitrogen transformation for anaerobic effluent from latex processing industry
  • Study of swim-bed technology for COD removal and nitrification for latex wastewater treatment
  • Synthesis of titania particles with high photocatalytic activity by high-temperature hydrolysis of TTIP in gas phase
  •  Use of sewage sludge ash (SSA) in the production of cement and concrete - a review
  • Emission patterns of traffic-related metals and associated contamination in road deposited sedimen
  • Application of a catchment water quality model for an East-Australian catchmen
  • Adsorption of ammonium using waste activated sludge from palm oil mill effluent treatment plant
  • Waste quantification models for estimation of construction and demolition waste generation: a revie
  • Runoff model validation for large-scale afforestation in arid land
  • Life cycle assessment of fuel production for biomass from dry land afforestation
  • Characterisation of arsenic contamination in groundwater by statistical methods
  • Rapid removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions by low cost adsorbents
  • An experimental approach to compare carbon sequestration rate of four species of legume used as biological fa├žade

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