25 October 2012

Special issue: Materials selection and design

International Journal of Materials and Structural Integrity 6(2-4) 2012
  • Additive manufacturing technology and material selection for direct manufacture of products based on computer aided design geometric feature analysis
  • Materials selection using COPRAS and COPRAS-G methods
  • Digital logic and knowledge-based system for the automotive piston material selection
  • Experimental and numerical investigation of grooves shape on the energy absorption of 6061-T6 aluminium tubes under axial compression
  • Turbine blade material selection using fuzzy analytic network process
  • Eco-material selection assisted with decision-making tools, guided by product's attributes; functionality and manufacturability
  • The effect of N-doping on the electronic structure of graphene nanoribbon
  • Material selection in biomedical applications: comparing the comprehensive VIKOR and goal programming models
  • Material selection for light-weight naval crafts using the modified digital logic method: dealing with ranking abnormalities
  • Selection of gear material using compromise ranking method
Additional Papers
  • Effect of temperature and voltage on LED luminaries reliability
  • Non-linear strain invariant failure approach for fibre reinforced composite materials
  • A new silicon nanowire arrays solar cell based on gradient optical gaps nanometre thin film
  • Numerical investigation on the thermal reliability and layout optimisation of printed circuit board level
  • Modelling and optimisation of PMSM-precision reducer system with Modelica

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