25 October 2012

Special issue: Electric discharge-based multi-scale machining processes and systems

International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems 5(5/6) 2012
  • Optimisation of surface integrity model using response surface methodology for EDMed AISI D2 tool steel
  • A review on various research trends in micro-EDM
  •  Multi-objective optimisation of electrical discharge machining of metal matrix composite Al/SiC using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm
  • Experimental investigations into electrical discharge deep hole drilling of Inconel 718 using copper-tungsten electrode
  • Biocompatibility of the electrical discharge machining process on titanium surfaces
  • Effects of powder mixed dielectric on electro discharge machining (PMEDM) of HSS tool steel
  • Investigation of single pulse discharge on silicon: crater and plasma characteristics
  • Artificial neural network modelling and multi objective optimisation of hole drilling electro discharge micro machining of invar 
  • In-situ machining of varied-shaped and arrays of microelectrodes using reverse micro-electrodischarge machining
  • Mapping the material removal behaviour of micro deep hole drilling EDM process

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