4 December 2011

Special issue: Wine business and globalisation

International Journal of Business and Globalisation 8(1) 2012
  • Internationalisation drivers in the wine business: a RBV perspective
  • Viewing cross trends and strategies in China: competition within the global wine market
  • The influence of resources on the internationalisation process of clustered wine companies
  • Globalisation and the wine market: developments in the small Albanian context
  • A better understanding of the structure of a wine market using the attribute of variety
  • Toward a sectoral system of innovation for local wine sector
  • Why and how some wine SMEs resist to the crisis?
  • Wine business in a changing competitive environment – strategic and financial choices of Campania wine firms
  • Good environmental practices in a traditional wine producer: an opportunity for global competition
  • Wine tourism: a business opportunity for winemakers

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