15 December 2011

Special issue: Communication technologies for vehicles

International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication Systems 2(3/4) 2011

Papers from the 1st and 2nd International Workshops on Communication Technologies for Vehicles:  Nets4Cars 2009, held on 13-14 October 2009 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and  Nets4Cars 2010 held on 21-23 July 2010 in Newcastle, UK.
  • Cooperative multichannel management in IEEE 802.11p/WAVE vehicular ad hoc networks
  • A timer-based intelligent flooding scheme for VANETs
  • Design of a safety-critical geocast API for vehicular coordination
  • Hybrid vehicular communications based on V2V-V2I protocol switching
  • Modelling R2V communications: description, analysis and challenges
  • Intra-vehicular verification and control: a two-pronged approach
  • Complexity and performance analysis of modulation schemes for TEDS
  • A multi-broadcast communication system for high dynamic vehicular ad-hoc networks

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