15 December 2011

Special issue: Air pollution and waste management

World Review of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development 8(2-4) 2011
  • Air gasification of Malaysia agricultural waste in a fluidised bed gasifier
  • Incinerator location conflict: How opponents try not to be the losers of the public decision making?
  • Predicting air quality in Uberlandia, Brazil, using linear models and Neural Networks
  • Formation of atmospheric nitrate under high Particulate Matter concentration
  • An economic analysis of a public-private-community partnership: the case of Solid Waste Management in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Dissolution kinetics and Zinc(II) recovery from spent automobile tyres by solvent extraction with Cyanex®272
  • Evaluation of traditional half orange type charcoal kiln for carbonisation: a case study
  • Validation of regulatory micro-scale air quality models: modelling odour dispersion and built-up areas
  • Recycling of Urban Sewage through cladoceran culture system
  • An assessment of medical waste management in health institutions in Yenagoa, South-South, Nigeria
  • Sediment Budget Template applied to Aberdeen Pool
  • Vermicomposting of mustard residue and effect of its application on soil and plant nutrients status
  • Investigation of benefit of using coal wastes in cement production
  • Advancement of chitosan-based adsorbents for enhanced and selective adsorption performance in water/wastewater treatment: review

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