15 December 2011

Special issue: Current trends in tribology in the Iberian Peninsula

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 5(4) 2011

Papers from the 5th Iberian Congress on Tribology (Ibertrib 2009) held in Coimbra, Portugal, 17–18 June 2009.
  • Microabrasion resistance of nanostructured plasma-sprayed coatings
  • Influence of humidity on the tribological behaviour of W-alloyed C-based amorphous coatings
  • Determination of the wear resistance of traditional ceramic tile glazes using a pin-on-disk tribometer
  • The role of lubricant feed temperature on the performance of twin groove journal bearings: an experimental study
  • Comparison of rolling contact fatigue life using a mineral oil, a synthetic polyester and a compound of both of them
  • Influence of PAO + ester oil formulations on gear micropitting and efficiency

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