4 December 2011

Special issue: Advances and trends in biometrics

International Journal of Information Technology and Management 11(1/2) 2012
  • Using biometrics and active RFID to improve security and safety in mass casualty management
  • Dealing with biometric multi-dimensionality through chaotic neural network methodology
  • A new soft biometric approach for keystroke dynamics based on gender recognition
  • Multi fuzzy vault based on secret sharing for deadlock restoration
  • Biometric access control in the workplace: benefit or bind?
  • Some issues of biometrics: technology intelligence, progress and challenges
  • An efficient unsupervised sample clustering for cancer datasets based on statistical model pre-processing
  • ATPDI: a computational definition of fingerprint singular points
  • A user dependent multi-resolution approach for biometric data
  • Enhancing the privacy of electronic passports
  • Identities, forgeries and disguises
Additional Paper
  • The best of adaptive and predictive methodologies: open source software development, a balance between agility and discipline

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