20 December 2011

Special issue: Robust design: coping with hazards, risk and uncertainty (Part 2)

International Journal of Reliability and Safety 6(1-3) 2012

Papers from the 4th International Workshop on Reliable Engineering Computing (REC2010), held in Singapore, 3−5 March 2010.

 Part 1 was in International Journal of Reliability and Safety 5(3/4) 2011
  • Of reality, quality and Murphy’s law: strategies for eliminating human error and mitigating its effects
  • Robustness assessment for progressive collapse of framed structures using pushdown analysis methods
  • Reliable dynamic analysis of an uncertain shear beam
  • Robust assessment of shear parameters from direct shear tests
  • Simulated polyhedral clouds in robust optimisation
  • Predicting the shear resistance of RC beams without shear reinforcement using a Bayesian neural network
  • Structural analysis with probability-boxes
  • Estimation of loading conditions of failed crane-hook: an image-based approach with knowledge and simulation
  • Towards optimal effort distribution in process design under uncertainty, with application to education
  • Model fusion under probabilistic and interval uncertainty, with application to Earth sciences
  • Scale-invariant approach to multi-criterion optimisation under uncertainty, with applications to optimal sensor placement, in particular, to sensor placement in environmental research
  • Socio-ecological safety towards natural and technological disasters: Earth observations and ecological monitoring for water quality analysis
  • Coupling of satellite observation to increase reliability of analysis of socio-ecological consequences of technological disasters
  • Accurate and verified numerical computation of the matrix determinant
  • Implementation of fixed structure QFT prefilter synthesised using interval constraint satisfaction techniques

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