4 December 2011

Special issue: Lean principles in manufacturing, service and public sectors

International Journal of Technology Management 57(1-3) 2012
  • Implementing lean in surgery – lessons and implications
  • When Lean and Six Sigma converge: a case study of a successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma at an aerospace company
  • A comparative analysis of management accounting systems' impact on lean implementation
  • Improving high variable-low volume operations: an exploration into the lean product development
  • Lean product development – enabling management factors for waste elimination
  • The application of lean principles and its effects in technology development
  • Impact of product platforms on lean production systems: evidence from industrial machinery manufacturing
  • Impact of use of information technology on lean production adoption: evidence from the automotive industry
  • The SoS approach for lean manufacturing systems
Additional Papers
  • Implementation of product strategy with differentiated standards
  • Towards sustainable competitive advantage by the innovation for the product value recovery: an empirical study in Spanish industrial companies

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Unknown said...

Great description of "respect for humanity." Remember also, even if your core strategy isn't necessarily focused on growth, the focus on delivering greater value for you customer will bring growth. When a business out performs their competitors the growth comes. In the meantime use the opportunity to invest even more in your greatest asset, people. lean manufacturing