31 December 2011

Special issue: International Conference on Advanced Materials

International Journal of Nanotechnology 8(10-12) 2011

Papers from the International Conference on Advanced Materials (ICAM-2008) held in Kottayam, India, 18–21 February 2008.
  • Structure-directed synthesis of chalcogenides: from chains to 3-dimensional frameworks
  • Polymer nanocomposites reinforced with polysaccharide nanocrystals
  • Quantum dots of lead selenide: evolution of size and geometry and influence on photovoltaic effect
  • A direct method for ultrafine gold networks with nanometre scale ligaments
  • Structure and properties of pure and mixed transition metal dimers on graphene
  • Hydrothermal synthesis of nanosized anatase TiO2: photocatalytic activity
  • Structural characterisation of textured gold nanowires
  • Pore characteristics and electrochemical properties of the carbon nanofibres of polyacrylonitrile containing iron-oxide by electrospinning
  • Magnetic properties of nano-sized Co2FeSi
  • Functionalised carbon nanotubes: high biocompatibility with lack of toxicity
  • Coordination-dependent bond energies derived from DFT surface-energy data for use in computations of surface segregation phenomena in nanoclusters
  • Effect of inter-particle interactions on the magnetic properties of magnetite nanoparticles after coating with dextran
  • Synthesis of nano grade ?-ferric oxide and evaluation of its catalytic properties
  • Silver nanoparticles embedded three dimensional silicate sol-gel matrix modified electrode for nitrite sensor application
  • Seeing inside materials by aberration-corrected electron microscopy
  • High density nanoparticle Mn-Zn ferrite synthesis, characterisation and magnetic properties
  • Visible-light photocatalytic activities of ?VO3 nanorods and BiVO4 nanobars
  • Effect of carbon nanotube on the thermal decomposition characteristics of selected propellant binders and oxidisers
  • Catalytic activity and stability of silver supported on multiwalled carbon nanotubes

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