7 November 2011

Special issue: Web, ontologies and information system engineering

International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems 3(3/4) 2011

Papers from ICWIT 2010, the 3rd International Conference on Web and Information Technologies,  held in Marrakech, Morocco, 16-19 June 2010
  • Semantic-based document management system
  • MVP-OWL: a multi-viewpoints ontology language for the Semantic Web
  • Learning resources granularity: a lever for the issue of adaptability in adaptive hypermedia systems
  • Geographic metadata: data quality, uncertainty and imprecision
  • ASTECH project: craft ontology and terminologies to share knowledge in renewable energies area across Europe
  • Towards an MDA-based multi-agent system
  • A model-driven approach to developing web service compositions based on BPMN4SOA
  • Hybrid reasoning-based system for collaborative decision-making
  • Recognition of the Arabic handwritten letters by the neural networks
  • UML-based profiles for policy-aware web services

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