20 November 2011

Call for Papers: Design, Modelling, Optimisation and Control of Electric Propulsion Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Powertrains

The presence of electric propulsion systems in passenger and commercial vehicles is rapidly increasing with the commercial introduction of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles (PHEVs and BEVs) to supplement the already robust presence of hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs). The subsystems already in use in HEVs (batteries, electric machines, power converters and mechanical transmissions) will see different duty cycles as a consequence of the all-electric range characteristics of PHEVs and BEVs.

 A significant variety of hardware layouts is possible for electric propulsion systems, such as:
 a) configurations with a central motor drive, a single-speed or a multiple-speed transmission, a differential and half-shafts;
 b) configurations with two central electric motor drives, connected to the wheels through an unconventional mechanical transmission system, a differential and half-shafts;
 c) configurations with individual motor drives, either located in-wheel or on-board.

 Moreover, the range of solutions is increased by the possibility of adopting vehicle architectures with central or distributed (e.g. one for each electric powertrain) energy storage units, either formed by a battery or the combination of a battery and a supercapacitor. Finally, the axles of the same vehicle can be equipped with a combination of the architectures in a)-c).

 This special issue focuses on research areas of electric propulsion systems specifically for use in vehicles that are intended to operate in all-electric mode and include, but are not limited to:
  • Design of the hardware components
  • Dynamics of the system and its components
  • Modelling and control
  • Concurrent multi-objective optimisation of hardware and control system
  • Performance evaluation 
Important Dates
Paper submission opening: 1 January, 2012
Deadline for paper submission: 1 March, 2012

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