30 November 2011

Special Issue: Challenges of Triple–Helix nexus in managing science parks and the role of innovation centres in fostering high-tech start-ups

International Journal of Technoentrepreneurship 2(3/4) 2011
  • Special Introduction: Convergence of Science Parks, Centres and Clusters: From Creative Destruction to Creative Reconstruction in a Triple Helix Regime
  • UNIFEI, Brazil: a case study of the role of the university in local development
  • Research institutes and R&D subsidies: Taiwan's national innovation system and policy experiences
  • Science parks and Triple-Helix innovation in UK and Japan
  • The Triple-Helix implementation in the Thai Venture Capital industry
  • The role of Italian incubators and Science Parks in the Triple-Helix era. The hybrid model developed in Lombardy
  • From Triple-Helix model to eco-system building model
  • The characteristics of the Triple–Helix nexus in Finnish business incubation
Additional papers
  • The emergence of perceived calculative trust and distrust: the case of a small Finnish pharmaceutical company
    The emergence of new markets, distributed entrepreneurship and the university: fostering development in India

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