7 November 2011

Special issue: Environmental improvement and pollution control by 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) technologies of electrical and electronic products

International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 14(5/6) 2011
  • Heavy metal leaching potential of discarded mobile phone wastes: a laboratory-based study
  • Framework for eco-innovative design with application in low-voltage electric appliance industry
  • An integrated modularity approach for green product development
  • GP-based optimisation of product parameters of design alternatives to support life cycle design
  • Sparse principal component analysis based sustainability assessment of EOL ICT service infrastructures
  • Simulation research on the influence of stress relaxation on plastic IC delamination during scrapped PCB disassembly
  • Application of FCE–AHP method for multi-criteria decision-making of municipal solid waste management alternatives: a case study in the Dalian Development Zone of China
  • Computer waste management: a review on Indian initiatives
  • Model and solution to the product disassembly sequence planning
  • Achieving sustainability through product-service life cycle management

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