2 November 2011

Call for Papers: Semantic Web Usage in Collaborative Product Design and Developmen

A special issue of International Journal of Product Development 

Globalisation has influenced the way product design and development is handled. Today, both customers and business partners who are involved in product design and development are geographically dispersed. In order to design and develop products that satisfy customers from different cultural backgrounds, and companies that are subject to different laws, regulations and business objectives, techniques that enable input from all parties into design are required.

 In order to satisfy the needs of product design in global markets, a large body of interesting research studies has emerged under the title of collaborative product design and development. During the past two decades, information systems research has contributed significantly to collaborative product design and development issues. A number of methodologies such as virtual reality, teleconferencing, remote usability testing, real-time data exchange protocols and interactive simulations have been developed by researchers.

 Today, expectations from information systems technologies have shifted from a medium that enables communication between parties to solution production issues. Ontology-based product design and development, semantic web, data mining, text mining and autonomous asynchronous usability tests are some of the research topics that have potential to enable scientist to develop new technologies to help organisations to handle their collaborative product design and development challenges more effectively.

 Therefore, the aim of this thematic issue is to analyse trend-setting research in the semantic web-based remote collaborative product design and development field.

 Suitable topics include but are not limited to:
  •  Information technology in collaborative product design
  •  Semantic web in collaborative design
  •  Ontology-based collaboration for product design
  •  Asynchronous usability tests
  •  Pattern recognition, data mining
  •  Knowledge management in collaborative design
  •  Intellectual property issues in collaborative design
  •  Intelligent support systems for collaboration
Important Dates
Extended abstract submission (see below): 30 May, 2012
Manuscript submission deadline: 1 September, 2012
First notification to authors: 1 February, 2013
Second draft submission: 1 May, 2013
Final acceptance notification: 1 June, 2013

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