30 November 2011

Special issue: Computers in education

International Journal of Knowledge and Learning 7(1/2) 2011

Papers from the MIPRO ( Croatian Society for Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics) Computers in Education conferences. 
  • From local to global – path towards multicultural software engineering
  • Scenario testing methodology for the assessment of screening technologies
  • Primary school education system in Croatia – improvements through a strategic management model (case study)
  • Scheduling problems at a university: a real-world example
  • Students with disabilities and other special needs in the process of higher education: inclusion issues
  • Blended learning model of teaching programming in higher education
  • Choosing the optimal information technology profession
  • Students' readiness for informal learning using Web 2.0 services
  • Aesthetics and creativity in e-learning material
  • New dimensions in the CAE/CAD standardisation and certification process in the industrial and the educational sector

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