30 November 2011

Special issue: Nanomanufacturing and nanotechology – Part II

International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 7(5/6) 2011

The 2nd International Conference on Nanomanufacturing (nanoMan2010) was held in Tianjin, China, 26-29 September 2010.

See also International Journal of Nanomanufacturing 7(3/4) 2011
  • Design, ultra-precision polishing and measurement of superfinished orthopaedic implants for bio-medical applications: an integrated approach
  • Multi-axis grating encoders for stage motion measurement
  • A nanoscratch method for measuring hardness of thin films
  • Characterisation of surface micro-topography by power spectral density in high speed precision planar milling of SiCp/Al composite
  • Film bulk acoustic resonator nanosensors for multi-task sensing
  • A novel method for high efficiently lapping of rounded diamond cutting tools
  • A new approach to fabricate micro lens array using fast tool servo
  • Topography simulation and vibration analysis of ultra-precision diamond flycutting micro V-groove
  • A study on tool wear in ultra-precision diamond turning with finite element modelling
  • Function-oriented characterisation for surface metrology
  • Controllable multiple structural colours on the same substrate
  • The research of sliding kinematic characteristics of sphere on the dual rotated plates lapping mode
  • Topology and kinematic performance analysis of Hoeken straight-line COPMM for micro-operation
  • Molecular dynamics investigation of incipient plasticity during nanomachining of Cu (111) surface
Additional Paper
  • High tunable Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin film deposited on silicon substrate with MgO buffer layer

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