28 June 2009

Special issue: R&D, innovation and marketing – how to convince internal and external stakeholders of technological innovations

International Journal of Technology Marketing 4(2/3) 2009
  • The management of marketing knowledge in the early phases of the innovation process
  • Stakeholder perceptions and implications for technology marketing in multi-sector innovations: the case of intelligent transport systems
  • Leadership in interorganisational network-based innovation projects
  • Innovation politics: how serial innovators gain organisational acceptance for breakthrough new products
  • From roles to skills – key persons in the innovation process
  • Overcoming resistance to innovations: an approach for the use of communication tools within the innovation process
  • Lead-using or lead-refusing? An examination of customer integration in mechanical engineering firms
  • Key stakeholders' interaction as a factor of product innovation: the case of Russia
  • Launching technological innovations: the relevance of a stakeholder perspective
  • Absorptive capability and its mediating effect on the learning and market orientations' influences on performance

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