28 June 2009

Special issue: 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications 2008

International Journal of Advanced Media and Communication 3(1/2) 2009

The 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications took place in Ottawa, Canada, 9-10 May 2008
  • Rapid impingement detection and surface distance measurement system for real-time ball-and-socket joint motion simulation
  • MRI image enhancement by PROPELLER data fusion
  • A 3D scanning system for biomedical purposes
  • A Master-Slave Neural Network for precise recognition of the complicated hand operations based on EEG
  • Reduction of doubtful detection of micro-nucleus in human lymphocyte
  • Human–Computer interaction for smart environment applications using hand gestures and facial expressions
  • Beamformer-aided processing of EEG signals for analysing epileptic seizures
  • Designing a wireless sensor system for continuous monitoring of the cervical dilation of a pregnant woman
  • Health status and air quality parameters monitoring based on mobile technology and WPAN
  • Towards fully integrated Lab-on-Chip: design, assembly and experimental results
  • New piezoelectric sensors with Gall Bladder stone material
  • A benchmarked automated progress measurement system for haptic motor rehabilitation
  • Haptic rehabilitation exercises performance evaluation using automated inference systems
  • Comparative analysis of tactile sensitivity between blind, deaf and unimpaired people
  • The possibility of standardising blood pressure measurement
  • Standard calibration procedures for automated non-invasive measurement of blood pressure

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