7 June 2009

Special issue: International Conference on Control 2008, Manchester, UK

International Journal of Advanced Mechatronic Systems 1(4) 2009

Papers from the UKACC Control Conference 2008 held in Manchester, UK, 2-4 September 2008.
  • Design and implementation of non-linear minimum variance filters
  • Constrained variance control of peak-pressure position by spark-ionisation feedback for multi-cylinder control
  • Output regulation of linear systems with non-linear exosystems
  • Minimum entropy control of non-linear TITO systems with random delays
  • The online optimisation of stator vane settings in multi-stage axial compressors
  • Combined attitude control application of an underactuated helicopter experimental system
Additional Papers
  • A simple hybrid testing approach for dynamic analysis of civil structural control devices
  • Active shape model-based user identification for an intelligent wheelchair

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