7 June 2009

Special issue: Complex network systems: methods, theories, and applications

International Journal of Systems, Control and Communications 1(4) 2009
  • Global stabilisation of Lur'e network
  • Growing models from deterministic to random hierarchical networks
  • Synchronisation of complex networks via partial contraction principle
  • Consensus of multi-agent moving systems with heterogeneous communication delays
  • Complex dynamics and stability of Hopfield neural networks with delays
  • Network Complexity Pyramid with five levels
  • The complex software network evolution of Java Development Kits: topological properties and design principles
  • H∞ control for spatio-temporal switching networks with coupling delays
  • A communication model on implementing anycast service in mobile IPv6 networks
  • Synchronisation of Lorenz systems via combining drive and Delayed Feedback Control methods
  • Formation control of multi-agent system based on potential function in complex environment

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