10 June 2009

Special issue: Design method and manufacturing technology for products

International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management 18(3) 2009
  • Tooling design and development of set-up for hydro-mechanical deep drawing
  • A conceptual design system of epicyclic gear mechanism based on digital manufacturing
  • Design of precision recycle system of colour filter for TFT-LCD
  • A hybrid model for isomorphism identification in mechanism design based on intelligent manufacturing
  • Evaluation of the performance of bearing materials using distance-based fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making process
  • Numerical simulation approach on stress and strain for chip scale package under thermal cycling
  • Process control for aerospace chemical milling process
  • Simultaneous optimisation of conflicting responses for CNC turned parts using desirability function
  • Finite element analysis on stress/strain in CBGA solder joint with different substrates under thermal cycle

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