22 June 2009

Special issue: Advances in intelligent nano-measurement technology

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering 3(3) 2009

Papers from members of a Japan Society for Precision Engineering technical committee: New Technology for Intelligent Measurement with Nanoscale.
  • Evaluation of gear engagement accuracy by Transmission Error with sub-microradian resolution
  • Study on residual resist layer thickness measurement for Nanoimprint Lithography based on near-field optics
  • Scanning in situ self-calibration method for the two-probe method of straightness measurement
  • Fundamental study on the position detection signal analysis for the fibre optical trapping probe
  • Improvement of a Fast Tool Control unit for cutting force measurement in diamond turning of micro-lens array
  • Proposal of concurrent measurement method for spindle radial, axial and angular motions using concentric grating interferometers
  • Precision positioning control of a Sawyer motor-based two-axis planar motion stage

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