8 June 2009

Special issue: CHEMECA 2006 environmental sessions

International Journal of Environment and Waste Management 3(3/4) 2009

Papers from CHEMECA 2006, the 34th Annual Australasian Chemical and Process Engineering Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand, 17–20 September 2006.
  • Commissioning and operating submerged membrane bioreactors: a designer's perspective
  • Effect of initial biomass on cellulose hydrolysis by leachate communities
  • Performance comparison between a two-reactor cascade and a single tank in an activated sludge wastewater treatment process
  • Investigation of potato starch and sonicated RAS as alternative carbon sources for biological nitrogen removal
  • Separated adsorption and bacterial degradation of microcystins in GAC filtration
  • Leaching kinetics of limonite and nontronite ores
  • Using halotolerant Aspergillus foetidus in bioleaching nickel laterite ore
  • Optimised treatment of Palm Oil Mill Effluent
  • Treatment of winery wastewater by UV-A radiation
  • Acid dyes adsorption onto activated carbon from waste tyres
  • Modelling of batch adsorption of metal ions onto sago waste
  • Removal of hydrogen sulphide on sewage sludge/industrial sludge based carbonaceous adsorbents
  • Column experiments to remove copper from wastewaters using natural zeolite
  • Adsorption of heavy metal ions by natural and synthesised zeolites for wastewater treatment
  • Copper pollution in some vineyard soils of the Piedmont region (Italy): accumulation and mobility
  • Biomineralisation of dye waste in a two-phase hybrid UASB reactor using starch effluent as a co-substrate
Additional papers
  • Risk-based EHS audit finding assessment tool
  • Nitrogen removal and recovery from human urine by struvite precipitation
  • A review on the use of biopolymers for the removal of toxic metals from liquid industrial effluents

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