28 June 2009

Special issue: Imprecise probability in engineering analysis

International Journal of Reliability and Safety 3(1-3) 2009

Selected papers from the National Science Foundation Workshop on Imprecise Probability in Engineering Analysis held in Savannah, Georgia, USA, 20-22 February 2008.
  • Validation of imprecise probability models
  • Autonomous robust design optimisation with potential clouds
  • Information management for estimating system reliability using imprecise probabilities and precise Bayesian updating
  • Extreme probability distributions of random sets, fuzzy sets and p-boxes
  • An interval-based technique for FE model updating
  • Interval analysis and reliability in robotics
  • Design and implementation of an optimal, reliable and robust control system for an industrial plant emulator
  • Extended precision with a rounding mode toward zero environment. Application to the Cell processor
  • Engineering quantification of inconsistent information
  • Interval approach for nondeterministic linear static finite element method in continuum mechanics problems
  • Numerical structural monitoring with the uncertainty model fuzzy randomness
  • A global optimisation method for computing interval hull solution for parametric linear systems
  • Static analysis of uncertain structures using interval eigenvalue decomposition
  • On the statistics of oceanic waves
  • Reliability assessment using stochastic local regression
  • The probability of type I and type II errors in imprecise hypothesis testing with an application to geodetic deformation analysis
  • Stress analysis of a singly reinforced concrete beam with uncertain structural parameters

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