7 June 2009

Call for papers: Advanced Vehicle Handling Dynamics and Control

Call for papers: Advanced Vehicle Handling Dynamics and Control

A special issue of International Journal of Vehicle Design

The objective of this special issue is to compile recent research and development efforts contributing to advances in vehicle handling dynamic performance and its assessment and control. The special issue also welcomes contributions addressing the state-of-the-art in associated developments and methodologies, perspectives on future developments and applications, identification of most promising control targets, reliable objective handling performance measures or targets, constraints imposed by multiple and conflicting objectives, and correlations between objective and subjective handling evaluations.

The specific topics of interest within the scope of this special issue include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Analytical and experimental vehicle handling dynamics
  • Vehicle handling modelling and simulation techniques
  • Objective and subjective measures of handling and evaluations
  • Correlations between objective and subjective handling measures
  • Human driver modelling for vehicle handling dynamics
  • Handling dynamics and control of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles
  • Advanced suspension systems and their effects on handling dynamics
  • Interactions among vehicle handling and other performances
  • Key attributes for handling simulation and performance developments
  • Advanced tyre modelling and applications to vehicle handling
Important Dates
Manuscript Submission Deadline: 31 October, 2009
Reviewers’ Reports and Decisions: 31 January, 2010
Revised Manuscript Submission: 15 March, 2010

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