16 August 2008

Special issue: Research methods in emergency management

International Journal of Emergency Management 5(1/2) 2008

Most of the contributions in this issue expand upon methodologically innovative or focused papers from the 2007 Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management Conference (ISCRAM).
  • Preference elicitation and sensitivity analysis in multicriteria group decision support for industrial risk and emergency management
  • A conceptual model of disasters encompassing multiple stakeholder domains
  • The Borsele files: the challenge of acquiring usable data under chaotic circumstances
  • Brokerage roles in disaster response: organisational mediation in the wake of Hurricane Katrina
  • Causality, covariates and consensus in ISCRAM research: towards a more robust study design in a transdisciplinary community
  • An automated online crisis dispatcher
  • Making the future palpable: notes from a major incidents future laboratory
  • A formal method to analyse human reasoning and interpretation in incident management

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