16 August 2008

Special issue: Human health, life and radiation

International Journal of Low Radiation 5(2) 2008
  • The study of radon levels and absorbed dose in the staff and visitors of Alisadr Cave
  • The investigation and measurement of the radon gas working level inside buildings in Rafsanjan
  • An evaluation of the fraction of survivor cells and cell death after exposure to accelerated heavy ions
  • Radiation exposure and evolutionary perspectives with special references to neutral theory
  • The Monte Carlo simulation of the TLD response function: scattered radiation field application
  • Cytogenetic bio-indicators and their implications in biomonitoring individuals exposed to chronic and low doses of ionising radiation
  • The paradigm that failed
  • The novel mechanism of metastasis inhibition by low-dose whole-body irradiation with gamma-rays
  • Calculation of radiation doses to human organs from consumption of marine fish

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