10 August 2008

Special issue: Nanotechnology in Canada

International Journal of Nanotechnology 5(9/10/11/12) 2008
  • Carbon nanotube surface science
  • Towards ferroelectric and multiferroic nanostructures and their characterisation
  • Growth and properties of the dilute bismide semiconductor GaAs1−xBix a complementary alloy to the dilute nitrides
  • Structure and luminescence of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO2
  • Nanolines on silicon surfaces
  • Nanoholes in metals with applications to sensors and spectroscopy
  • The Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy: a national facility for ultrahigh resolution electron microscopy
  • Theory of nonequilibrium transient transport in nanostructures
  • Solidification of viscous melts: the interplay of nano- and macroscopic phenomena
  • Characterisation of molecular orientation in organic nanomaterials by X-ray Linear Dichroism Microscopy
  • Molecular nanoscience and engineering on surfaces
  • Nanoparticles and nanowires: synchrotron spectroscopy studies
  • Organics on silicon; single molecules, nanostructures and monolayers
  • Magnetic nanocarriers: from material design to magnetic manipulation
  • Lanthanide-doped fluoride nanoparticles: luminescence, upconversion, and biological applications
  • X-ray analysis of strain, composition and elastic energy in Ge islands on Si(001)
  • Nanostructured phospholipid membranes

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