28 August 2008

Special issue: Efficiency and productivity analysis: theoretical issues and practical concerns in the international perspective

International Journal of Business Performance Management 10(4) 2008

Papers from the inaugural conference of the UK Efficiency and Productivity Analysis Network (UKEPAN) held in February 2006 in Leicester, UK.
  • Country-level business performance and policy asymmetries in the UK
  • Deregulation and productivity growth: a study of the Indian commercial banking industry
  • Parametric and nonparametric Malmquist productivity decomposition: a case study of European commercial banks
  • Measuring productivity under different incentive structures
  • Global productivity growth from 1980–2000: a regional view using the Malmquist total factor productivity index
  • Productivity growth and structural changes in a partially liberalised market: a distance function approach
  • The perceived fairness and efficiency of used car markets

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