28 August 2008

Special issue: Multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas: from trade negotiations to contributing to sustainable development

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology 7(4/5) 2008

This Special Issue is based on some results of MULTAGRI, a European research project: Capitalisation of research on multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas.
  • Multifunctionality: refocusing a spreading, loose and fashionable concept for looking at sustainability?
  • Multifunctionality: epistemic diversity and concept oriented research clusters
  • Farm models and economic valuation in the context of multifunctionality: a review of approaches from France, Germany, The Netherlands and Portugal
  • Multifunctionality of agricultural activities, changing rural identities and new institutional arrangements
  • Review of studies on the establishment and management of policies for multifunctionality
  • Evaluation of policies in terms of the multifunctionality of agriculture and rural space: more integrative conceptual and analytical frameworks needed
  • Conclusion: Which perspectives for future research on multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas?

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