6 August 2008

Call for papers: Security and Privacy in RFID Systems

Call for papers: Security and Privacy in RFID Systems

A special issue of International Journal of Security and Networks

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a technology for automated identification of objects and people with neither physical nor visual contact. RFID systems are already widely applied in industry supporting supply chain management and inventory control. The identification method relies on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID tags or transponders. A tag is a small microchip which is used for wireless data transmission between the tag and a reader. Tags only offer weak computation and storage capacities. While increased applications of RFID systems in our daily life continue, this also creates new security and privacy problems to both individuals and organisations because of their limitations. Examples of security issues are: cloning an RFID tag, impersonation of a tag to obtain access permission and forging an e-passport for international travel.

This special issue will bring together those leading researchers and developers in security and privacy fields to study the particular problems and challenges of RFID systems. Its purpose is therefore to foster communication between various communities, including security and privacy communities, and distributed systems and information systems communities. The objective is to evaluate the expectations of security and privacy concerning RFID and to establish a common infrastructure of the discipline. The special issue will identify fundamental theory, techniques, applications and practical experiences in a variety of topics in privacy and security and also provide a common ground for advanced research and development in security and privacy, concentrating on the special challenges of RFID systems. The issue will to publish the most recent results in security and privacy aspects of RFID systems.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

RFID system security:
  • Intrusion detection
  • Secure RFID operating systems
  • Database security
  • Security infrastructures
  • Security evaluation
Network security:
  • RFID network security
  • Security agents
  • Protocols
  • Anti-virus and anti-hacker measures
RFID applications:
  • Electronic commerce
  • Government
  • Health
  • Biology
  • Telecommunications
  • Privacy
  • Access control
  • Authentication
  • Identification
  • Cryptography
Important Dates
Manuscript due: 28 February, 2009
Acceptance/rejection notification: 31 May, 2009
Final manuscript due: 31 July, 2009

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