31 August 2008

Call for papers: Crisis Management in the New Strategy Landscape

Call for papers: Crisis Management in the New Strategy Landscape

A special issue of International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management

Crisis management seeks to prevent unfortunate events that occur to organisations and the natural environment. When such events do occur, crisis management strategies seek to mitigate their impacts. Although a crisis can negatively impact efforts at sustainable development at both the organisational and national levels, there is little research that bridges the gulf between these two disciplines.

This issue seeks to address this schism between crisis management and sustainable development by publishing relevant papers that bridge the gap.

The subject coverage of this special issue includes, but is not limited to:
  • New methods of scanning the environment for crisis threats
  • The relationship between strategic planning and crisis management
  • New technological interventions in crisis management
  • The role of crisis management in sustainable development
  • Research agendas that integrate sustainable development and crisis management
  • The interplay of national culture, sustainable development, and crisis occurrence
  • Identifying governments that tend to be the most successful at planning for crises and sustainable development efforts
  • How the politics of disaster help or hurt sustainable development progress
  • How organisations have reinvented themselves to support sustainable development after facing a crisis
  • Identifying standards can organisations use to evaluate their success or failure in crisis management and sustainable development
  • How governments hinder and help efforts at sustainable development.
Important Dates
Early submission deadline [*]: 1 February 2009
Full paper deadline: 15 May 2009
Notification of status & acceptance of paper: 1 July 2009
Final version of paper: 1 August 2009.

[*] Completed manuscripts that meet the early submission deadline will be provided an opportunity for revision. If the revision is completed by the full paper deadline, these manuscripts will be entered into a second round of peer review.

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