5 March 2008

Special issue: Technology intelligence of SMEs

International Journal of Technology Intelligence and Planning 4(1) 2008

The special issue comprises mostly contributions to the ICSB World Conference 2007 held on 13–15 June 2007 in Turku, Finland.
  • Commercialisation of new knowledge within universities: exploring performance disparities
  • Using SME intelligence in mentoring science and technology students
  • ''Don't rest on your laurels'': an inquiry into the barriers to radical follow-up innovation in New Technology Based Ventures
  • SMME competitiveness through technology diffusion from higher educational institutions: a South African perspective
  • Sustaining value creation in technology-based firms: the role of five protection options in securing rents from new product development
  • Managing uncertainty in the marketing of new-technology products
  • Planning of global sourcing from total acquisition cost perspective
  • The impact of formal SME networks in emerging economies: a study of formal manufacturing networks in Pakistan

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