2 March 2008

Special issue: Discrete optimisation

European Journal of Industrial Engineering 2(2) 2008

Extended versions of papers from the International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM06) held on 25–27 October 2006 in Troyes, France.
  • The splittable pickup and delivery problem with reloads
  • An adaptive algorithm for the knapsack problem: perturbation of the profit or weight of an arbitrary item
  • An unrelated parallel machines model for an industrial production resetting problem
  • Operating theatre scheduling using Lagrangian relaxation
  • Modelling and solving a multimode and multisite industrial problem: Lagrangean relaxation and heuristic approaches
  • Lot-splitting for inspection in a synchronised two-stage manufacturing process with finite production rates and random out-of-control shifts in the first stage

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